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Use the calendar to view our ongoing and ever-changing event schedule. The market hosts hundreds of events per-year including large annual gatherings.

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Check out this video! It's a great place to enjoy the country life here in the city! It is great that we have the opportunity to buy fresh fruits and vegetables so close to home. The vendors are very friendly also. The bakery has a good selection. The cheese store will give you a sample of whatever your interested in.

Every now and then, you run into old acquaintances.

Three people killed in Flint shooting

Ifs fun. They have terrific donuts and elephant ears!

The fruits and vegetables are also fantastic! Get The Details Here. Market Vendors With over vendors its easy to get lost for hours while browsing the creative and healthy choices our market has to offer.

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View Vendors. Top 15 places in the U. We are open all year, come one come all spring winter and fall. Enjoy great food, entertainment, kitchen demonstrations, events and more. When the economy fails, police officers help feed families. When neighborhoods break down, police officers help facilitate understanding. As I walked up to the front of the house, I saw there was a light on inside and the door was partly opened.

When I knocked, a small boy, about 7, answered. She had been evicted, and the family had to leave the house that night. But she had no car, no phone to call anyone to help her, and no way to feed her children. I made some calls for her on my cellphone until we could arrange a ride. While she waited for the ride, I went to a local restaurant and got meals for the family. These are things that Flint police officers of all races and genders do for citizens on a regular basis, though often the police administration and City Hall officials have no idea.

The police officer in Flint is arguably the most accessible leader available to the people. We are always judged by our response times. No other city leader has this level of accountability. The more hats we wear, the more society expects from us.

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In the end, the burden placed on urban police is that they have the power to either tear a city apart or help hold it together. With all that Flint has been through, I believe it still stands today because of its Police Department. VR Film Incidents Flint town.

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Flint, Mich. White officers are seen as racist, while black officers like me are seen as traitors to our race. Politically speaking, America desperately needs an urban agenda. Protecting and serving in an urban community is about much more than crime fighting.