Manual Dynamics of Parallel Robots: From Rigid Bodies to Flexible Elements

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During his work, he has developed the kinematic virtual sensor approach presented in this paper. Asier Zubizarreta and Itziar Cabanes have supervised and coordinated all the research work. They also have provided technical support in the modelling of the robot whereas Charles Pinto has added technical advice on vibration analysis. All authors contributed to the organization of the paper and approval of the final manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Journal List Sensors Basel v. Sensors Basel. Published online Aug Find articles by Pablo Bengoa. Find articles by Asier Zubizarreta. Find articles by Itziar Cabanes. Find articles by Aitziber Mancisidor.

Virtual Sensor for Kinematic Estimation of Flexible Links in Parallel Robots

Find articles by Sara Mata. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Jul 26; Accepted Aug Abstract The control of flexible link parallel manipulators is still an open area of research, endpoint trajectory tracking being one of the main challenges in this type of robot. Keywords: flexible link manipulator, parallel robots, kinematics, Finite Element Method, virtual sensor. Introduction Since their introduction in the industry back in the early s, robots have been considered as a cornerstone of the mass-production system due to their capacity to combine minimal cost with adaptability, quality and high productivity.

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Dynamics of parallel robots : from rigid bodies to flexible elements

Figure 1. Fundamentals of the Virtual Sensor The normal mode analysis is a mathematical tool which represents a pattern of motion in which all parts of a system move with the same frequency and fixed phase relation. Figure 2. Modelling of Flexible Links In order to carry out the modal analysis of each flexible link and calculate their eigenvalues, the generalised inertia matrix and the stiffness matrix of each link has to be calculated.

Figure 3. Modal Analysis of the Flexible Links Once calculated the inertia and stiffness submatrices, the modal analysis procedure can be applied. Case of Study: Delta Robot In the following section, the developed virtual sensor will be implemented into a flexible-link parallel robot in order to validate it.

Figure 4. Robot schematic with the most important parameters and variables. Table 2 Mechanical properties of the aluminium platens. Figure 5. Figure 6. Rotational encoder position and the measured angle representation. Simulation Setup The virtual sensor is validated next. Figure 7. Figure 8. The reference trajectory of the TCP for the defined movement of the motors. Figure 9. Graphical representation of the loop closure of a Delta Robot. Results and Discussion First, the accuracy of the virtual sensor to estimate the deformation of each flexible link will be analysed.

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Figure Virtual Sensor link deflection speed and acceleration error. Conclusions Parallel robots are widely used in industry for high dynamic requirement tasks that imply high speed. Author Contributions Pablo Bengoa is in charge of the modelling and control of flexible parallel robots. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

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    Meirovitch L. Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics. Cook R. Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis. Vessel Technol. Zubizarreta A. Yang and Z. Simeon: Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering, Vol. Modeling and Meshing Guide, All Rights Reserved. Log In.

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